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Judy Nordquist

Scale Model for Life-Size

Edition of 15 (8 Available)
20” H x 32½” L x 10” W  (50.8 cm H x 82.55 cm x L 25.4 cm W)
Hearts pounding, hooves flying–Man and horse are as one as they near the finish line!
(1/5 Life-Size Master Model, Life-Size Available.)


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Judy and Kim Nordquist

Racing across the Egyptian desert at sunrise with the Pyramids silhouetted in the background on a beautiful Arabian stallion–that’s what dreams are made of!  Judy’s memories from that desert ride and her life-long love of horses has resulted in bronze horse sculptures from miniatures to Life-Size.

From early childhood Judy nurtured two loves–horses and art. Majoring in art in high school and college, she spent several successful years in the commercial art field before focusing complete attention on painting horses.  Painting evolved into sculpting horses, which proved to be the most exciting and challenging medium for her unique talent. Her inspiration comes from her imagination and seeing beautiful Arabians around the world.

Kim, after graduating with honors in Psychology and a four-year postgraduate, medical degree in Acupuncture, is now following in her Mother’s footsteps.  She is designing beautiful equine jewelry and is now working with Judy to create bronze sculptures.

Their latest bronzes were just unveiled in January, 2009–A Life-Size Portrait bronze of Escape Ibn Navarrone-D for Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Ajman Stud, UAE and a Life-size Portrait of Zoumir, an Arabian Race Horse and jockey for Sultan Qaboos bin Said, Sultanate of Oman.  Their bronzes are collected internationally and the list of people who commission and collect their work reads like an international Who’s Who of Arabian horse enthusiasts.

When creating a portrait bronze, many detail measurements and photos are taken to accurately represent each horse.  Also, with each bronze portrait we are commissioned to create, we prefer to spend some time with the horse — each horse is so different.  By “seeing your horse with my hands, I can capture in their sculpture their unique spirit and presence and make the bronze come alive.”  Time is also spent discussing the pose and the most characteristic attitude and expression.

Judy and Kim have traveled extensively in Egypt, Africa, Italy and the Middle East researching Middle Eastern history and culture.  Their Collectors Limited Bronze Sculptures reflect the classic style of the 19th century French school of sculpture, “Les Animaliers”, and range in size from miniature to Life-Size.

Judy and her husband, Jim, live in the mountains in Ridgway, Colorado where they raise and care for their Arabian horses.  Their special treasure is a beautiful *Marwan Al Shaqab daughter out of the multi-champion mare, Maggdalina!

Balance, beauty, drama, and strength are the poetic elements I find in Nordquist’s bronzes.  Nordquist is one of the few living Sculptors that can accomplish this perfection found in nature.

-Robert Vavra Author/Photographer of Equus.

I want to thank you for creating ‘Pharaoh’s Horse’.  No matter how troubled the world news is, or how tired or low my spirits may be, I know I can gaze upon that magnificent steed and see the world as it should be — free, intelligent, proud, virile and radiating a love of life in his every fibre and movement.  You couldn’t have created that by accident.  But you did express it, with skill and eloquence. and you touched my soul.  Thank you.

Mr. Saul Fox, Architectural Designer, Ontario, Canada

Layla Khashoggi, who commissioned a mare and foal sculpture, wrote…

Judy, I must tell you, that if I had the talent to sculpt this piece with my own hands, it could not have been any better nor any closer to the image I conceived almost two years ago… I get so much pride and joy from showing `Daughters Of The Wind’ to all our visitors that I felt I had to share it with you.  I only wish you could be here each time someone sees it for the first time. They’re usually speechless, always impressed, and seemingly mesmerized by the bronze and its setting.

Dimensions 32.5 × 10 × 20 in

Judy and Kim Nordquist





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Judy Nordquist

Scale Model for ½ Life-Size Bronze Edition
Edition of 50
13” H x 10½” L x 9″ W (33.02 cm H x 26.67 cm L x 22.86 cm W)
Many years ago the Bedouins of old also shared this wondrous moment, of their treasured mare as she softly calls to her newborn foal.

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